Over 300 collections

LOLA ESPELETA(ready-to-wear for women)

FOAH(women’s swimwear and beachwear)


GALERIES LAFAYETTE (shirts + homewear + men’s and children’s ready-to-wear + pyjamas)

MARITHE & FRANCOIS GIRBAUD (woven products and knitwear for men and women)

CANO (ready-to-wear for men and women) Celio, Burton, Veti, Cora, etc.

CAMBE (rugby clothes)

CUIRCO (leather clothing for men and women) Cora, Carrefour, Le Gallec, La Redoute, etc.

SUNCITY (children’s and baby clothing), Carrefour, Les 3 Suisses, Cora, Vétimarché, etc.

AIRNESS (sportswear for men and women)

PHILIPPE (lingerie, corsetry, homewear and swimwear for men, women and children)

JULIANS SHIRT (top of the range men’s shirts)

ENERGY (women’s ready-to-wear) for Jacqueline Riu, Armand Thierry, Jennifer, Kiabi, Halle, Patrice Bréal, Gémo, Berska,etc.

BM FRANCE (for children and babies, Leclerc, La Redoute, Carrefour)

ARBO (socks for men, women and children.

BIG STAR (key accounts)

AQUAVERDE (denim + shirts for men and women)

HORSELAND (leather + woven products) own brand, Eden Park, Marlboro and Disney

ZOE (women’s ready-to-wear, mass marketing, specialist shops)

DITA (trendbook and lingerie/homewear collection, Marie Claire Japan)

DAVYCO (tee-shirts, underwear and jumpers for men, women and children)

CREEKS (men’s and women’s sportswear)

JOUSSE (women’s ready-to-wear)

NEW MAN (men’s ready- to-wear and sportswear)

WESTERN HOUSE (denim collection and shirts for men and women)

SYDOREMI (children’s and babies clothing for key accounts and mass marketing)

COQ SPORTIF (men’s and women’s sportswear)

ARENA (men’s and women’s swimwear and beachwear)

KWAY (men’s and women’s skiwear)

PRO KENNEX (tennis clothing and casual wear for men and women)

STADE FRANÇAIS (sportswear and VIP clothing)

OLYMPIC (swimwear and skiwear for men and women)

ADIDAS (sports clothing and men’s sportswear)

PUMA (football and sports clothing and men’s sportswear)

EIDER (men’s and women’s skiwear)

FRANCITAL (outerwear, men’s and women’s sportswear)

ALBERT (women’s ready-to-wear for large outlets and retail)

MAILFIX (women’s homewear for mass marketing, mail order, etc.)

FRANCE BOCONTI (women’s knitwear and pyjamas for mass marketing, mail order and key accounts)

JAVANNE (swimwear, fitness and sports clothing for men, women and children)

DE WAELE (pyjamas and homewear for men and women)

QUELLE (accessorising outfits, choice of models, assistance on photo shoots, photo styling)

DEGUY (sportswear and denim for men and women),  

And much more! bags and shoes .......


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